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Veremalua Brings a Golden Touch to the Tel Aviv Heat

Updated: Sep 3, 2021

Five years after helping Fiji win the first ever Rugby 7s Olympic gold medal in Rio, Jasa Veremalua has signed on to help lead the Tel Aviv Heat into the upcoming Rugby Europe Super Cup.

Veremalua brings a unique blend of experience, skill, and athleticism to the brand new startup franchise. At 195 cm and 100kg, his explosive power and breakaway speed, together with his incredible ball handling make Veremalua a threat from anywhere on the pitch in both 15s and 7s.

For the past few seasons, Jasa has stood out in the U.S. as a powerful number 8 in the MLR playing for the San Diego Legion and is eager to impart his experience off the base of the Tel Aviv Heat’s scrum.

Jasa has a rich history with the Fijian sevens team, scoring over 50 tries over the last 10 years in world series events. In 2015-2016, Veremalua was named the DHL World Series Impact Player of the Year.

Tel Aviv Heat Director of Rugby and Head Coach, Kevin Musikanth on the Veremalua signing:

There is no doubt that Jasa has all the experience and abilities to be the catalyst of Tel Aviv Heat’s attacking enterprise. Getting to know Jasa through this process I have seen a true professional, a man who embodies the values and culture of rugby, and who respects the value of support in every way, both on and off the pitch. This is an athlete who, despite winning the ultimate accolade, an Olympic Gold medal, and having played for the best 7’s team in the world over 120 times, still shows genuine humility and ultimate commitment to the team. We are very fortunate to have a player and person like Jasa in our team…

Prince Gaoseb on playing alongside Veremalua:

I am very excited to be lining up alongside a player of the calibre of Jasa Veremalua. He is an absolute global legend of the Sevens game with plenty of explosive ball-carrying power and big on defense too. It’s motivating for me to know that I have a player like him together with me in the back row…

Veremalua on the Tel Aviv Heat:

This is a real dream come true for me. Rugby has taken me to many countries but I always wanted to visit Israel one day. I still can’t believe that I get this opportunity. I am truly blessed to be part of the Tel Aviv Heat this season and I can’t wait for the excitement…

Want to see Jasa in action? Check out the following YouTube Links:

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