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Fijian Brothers in Arms Joining Tel Aviv Heat

From left to right: Captain of Kibbutz Yizreel and National Player Adriaan Reinsztein, Azaraih Israel (Izzy) Immanueli, Fine Dikote, Yonatan Levinson and Nemani Builruarua

Nemani Builruarua and Azaraih Israeli (Izzy) Immanueli are ready to join the Tel Aviv Heat for the upcoming Rugby Europe Super Cup.

Both Buliruarua and Immanueli fell in love with Israeli rugby after spending the 2019-2020 season at Kibbutz Yizreel as a result of a partnership between rugby in Israel and the Suva Convenant Brothers rugby club in Fiji, led by Suva Head Coach Sakaraia Labalaba and friend of Rugby Israel Fine Dikote.

Nemani and Izzy were an instant hit at Kibbutz Yizreel, not only for their prowess on the field, but also for their dedication to the club and the coaching of young players, who hero-worshiped the talented Fijians. They guided Kibbutz Yizreel to championship honours in an unbeaten season, starring all the way through to the final match and bringing out the best in their club teammates.

Buliruarua is a thick-set fly-half/centre that is equally capable at scrum half. With a low centre of gravity, 95 kg, and all the skills necessary for a world-class back, Buliruarua is sure to be a handful for the upcoming competition, where he will draw upon experience over 13 seasons in the Skipper Cup with Suva, where he won provincial honours.

In stature, Immanueli is the exact opposite, standing at almost 2 meters and 100kg’s. A classic lock/flanker that shows incredible speed and versatility for a man of his size, at only 21-years-old, Izzy is full of spirit and has a very bright rugby future ahead of him.

Nemani Buliruarua on Signing with Tel Aviv:

I am so grateful and blessed to go back in Israel and the opportunity to be part of the first Israel professional franchise team the Tel Aviv Heat. I’m really looking forward to meet and work with other talented players from other countries and together we will help the team achieve its goal ...“.

Coach of Suva, Sakaraia Labalaba on Nemani Builruarua:

An experienced player who has been around for sometime. His faithful attitude towards his training has enabled him to keep up to the pace and structure of the game. He possesses good leadership skills that will be an asset to the players and the coaching staff. Very discipline player both on and off the field..."

Kevin Musikanth on Nemani and Izzy:

Nems and Izzy are fantastic rugby players and wonderful people. I believe the two of them provided the catalyst in what, since the formation of the Tel Aviv Heat will now become the rule rather than the exception, which is players of such quality coming to Israel to play club rugby. I am thrilled that they deservedly get a shot at European rugby as they have both signed to be part of the Tel Aviv Heat professional franchise squad. I look forward to coaching them both...

Amir Beutler Kibbutz Yizreel Coach on Izzy:

A great person who will contribute to The Tel Aviv Heat immensely. His skills on attack are sublime and he is an exceptional defender. He always puts his body on the line when he plays. He displays superb energy in the dressing room and of course leads from the front on the field. I am looking forward to watching him make heads turn in Europe. Go Izzy…

Izzy scoring in the final for Kibbutz Yizreel

Nemani playing for Suva

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