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Israeli International Tom Burden Brings His Hard Grind to The Tel Aviv Heat

Tom Burden has committed to The Tel Aviv Heat for the 2021-2022 season. A tenacious lock and back rower, Tom has featured in most of Israel’s Internationals since 2014 and now finds himself part of the first professional franchise team in the history of Rugby Israel.

Tom is a hard working versatile forward who has played rugby since the tender age of 6. His journey as a rugby player has taken him to Australia where he played for Joondalup brothers, Wales where he played for St Peters in Cardiff, and finally Macclesfield RUFC, where he has featured as a stalwart in the First XV over the last six seasons.

Tom compliments the Tel Aviv Heat’s current roster as the franchise sets its sights on the tough Eastern Conference where his versatility will certainly assist the team against the tough Georgian and Russian franchises.

Tom is best suited as a blind side flanker, but equally equipped in the middle row where he has played many test matches for Israel. Tom is a coach’s dream as he is equally equipped to muscle up in the front row as a tighthead prop.

Tom Burden on signing for the Tel Aviv Heat:

Rugby has been a large part of my life from the age of 6 growing up in England. I pride myself on being hard working, putting in the ugly yards on the field by making my tackles, hitting rucks and doing my job first. My rugby journey has taken me all over the world and has broadened my rugby family from my home club Macclesfield, where I still play all the way to Israel, who I have represented for the last 7 years, I am more than excited to bring everything I have to The Tel Aviv Heat. I look forward to playing alongside professional players from around the world…

Kevin Musikanth on Thomas Burden:

"Tom is a hard-working, committed forward who is the ultimate team man. He is a player who, due to his versatility and overall rugby skill, often has found himself playing in positions where his teams have been compromised. It is not often that a coach finds a player that is equipped to play in pretty much every position in the pack. This will be extremely valuable for the squad as we go into the Tel Aviv Heats maiden season. I have enjoyed coaching Tom over the last three years and I look forward to continuing our rugby journey into the extremely challenging Rugby Europe Super Cup…

Want to see Tom in action? Check out the following links:

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