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Up and Coming Homegrown Star Idan Eisenberg Signs with The Tel Aviv Heat

Idan Eisenberg is taking his rugby to the next level by signing with the Tel Aviv Heat for the upcoming Rugby Europe Super Cup.

A tall and athletic center who has represented Israel in every age group and earned his first

international cap for Israel at age 17, rugby serves as a dominant part of this young man’s life.

Eisenberg enrolled on a full-time basis as a player in the Wingate Academy as a 16-year-old. From there, Idan traveled to South Africa for a mini season at WITS rugby club where he played for the U19A team and then spent time working hard at his game at the SAS Academy in Stellenbosch.

Idan has “outstanding athlete” during his service in the army, allowing him to dedicate portions of his national service to training and competing as a professional rugby player.

Idan’s first senior tournament as player in the Israeli Sevens Team saw him contributing significantly to the team’s fantastic performance, earning the most valuable player of the tournament award and being involved in Israel’s first ever win against a quality Romanian national team.

A bright young talent who represents a new breed of young talented and professional rugby players in Israel, Idan has a bright future representing Israel and will forcefully contest for a spot in the midfield.

Off the pitch, Idan sees himself as a sociable person who enjoys friends, music and playing guitar.

Idan Eisenberg on signing with The Tel Aviv Heat:

When I was twelve years old, my older brother participated in a rugby class and that’s how I got to know of this sport. From the first moment I played, I fell in love with the game and decided to develop and invest myself in it and the hard work has paid off. I am excited to have the opportunity to be able to represent The Tel Aviv Heat. it’s amazing that my home country has a professional franchise. I am going to give everything I have to make a difference to my team and my country...

(Ex Rugby Israel Captain), Yonatan Kaplan on Idan Eisenberg:

Idan is an exceptional talent and has a great work ethic. He is still very young and he has a bright future ahead of him. He has worked extremely hard to be in this position and deserves his spot in The Tel Aviv Heat Squad. I am sure he will gain a lot of experience training and playing with the high-quality international players around him and predict that he will push the more experienced players for a spot in the starting 15...

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