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Tel Aviv Heat and Trendency Establish a Technology Partnership

Today, the Tel Aviv Heat and Trendency announced a technology partnership designed to

enhance the experience and relationship between fans and the club. As the game of rugby

continues to expand across the globe and the Rugby Europe Super Cup kicks off its second

year of competition, creating the best experience possible is the goal of all teams involved,

whether that is in the stadium or watching at home.

With the Heat about to kick off our second season, we are looking to grow on and off the pitch,” said CEO of the Tel Aviv Heat, Pete Sickle. “Our partnership with Trendency provides a fantastic opportunity to connect with our fans, sponsors, and our community. This partnership will allow us to have an ongoing engagement with our supporters and so we can continue to grow and adjust to deliver experiences of the greatest value throughout the year, tailored to what resonates most with our fans.

As the second season of the 2022-2023 Rugby Europe Super Cup kicks off, Heat supporters will have the opportunity to provide their thoughts and feedback with the club throughout the season. From their opinions on the game itself, to ideas of how to improve the non-game day experience, this partnership is designed to facilitate an ongoing engagement where fans have the ability to be heard and not have to wait for the improvement they seek until next season.

We are incredibly excited about this partnership”, said Stefan Hankin, President & Co-Founder of Trendency. “Innovation and development are the basis for long-term sustainable success on the pitch, and the same is true when it comes to success off the pitch as well. We are looking forward to working with the Heat, the Tel Aviv community, as well as fans across Israel and around the rugby world.“

Over the next few days, fans of the Heat will be invited to join the Trendency platform and

provide their thoughts, ideas, and feedback directly to the club in an anonymous and secure

fashion. With an engaged audience off the pitch, the Heat will use the information provided by the fans to create the best experience possible.

For questions about the Tel Aviv Heat please contact Pete Sickle at

For questions about Trendency please contact Geoff Cook at

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