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The South African Rugby Union (SARU) has until tomorrow (Wednesday 22 February) to respond to questions raised by the Israel Rugby Union (IRU) and the Tel Aviv Heat (TAH) regarding SARU’s decision to uninvite TAH from the Mzansi Challenge.

SARU indicated that the decision to rescind the invitation was based on, “representations from multiple stakeholders”. This goes against their own mandate, as well as that of World Rugby which prohibits discrimination on the grounds of race, national or social origin, sex, politics, religion or creed.

IRU argue that there are criteria that prohibit incidents of this nature to take hold in the sport. Based on this, IRU and TAH have consulted both local and international lawyers and has since formally requested the relevant documentation needed in terms of disclosing the record of the decision taken by SARU. TAH are further contemplating high-court proceedings for damages and given SARU until Wednesday 22 February to be re-instated.

“Our players, the bulk of which are South Africans of all races and religions, are now currently lacking earning opportunities” said TAH Director, of Rugby, Kevin Musikanth.

Pete Sickle CEO of Tel Aviv Heat further expressed the hope that SARU would comply by disclosing the relevant documentation and “proceed in the manner that is required by both the law and the spirit in which international sport is intended to be played”.

For more information please contact or + 1 323 570 6023

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The 'stakeholders' that SARU are referring to are the Islamic terror groups BDS, Africa4 Palestine and the MRN. All jew hating hamas supporters. They threatened SARU chief. They are following him and threatening the saru chief's life. Once again Islamism destabilizes the status quo.

Me gusta
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