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MyHeritage reveal some family secrets of Tel Aviv Heat's head coach and players

Updated: Apr 4, 2022

Based in Israel, the Tel Aviv Heat have brought together players and coaches from around the world, each with their own unique histories, while building a global community of supporters who joined the Heat on their journey to greatness.

As the world’s leader in home DNA testing that provides the powerful experience of discovering where we come from, MyHeritage brings cutting edge technology and market leading services to support the Heat on and off the pitch. In addition to performing PCR tests for the team, MyHeritage explored the ancestry of head coach Kevin Musikanth and three players, helping them understand a bit more about their family histories.

Tel Aviv Heat fans will have already seen the MyHeritage on the team’s playing jerseys in the past RE Super Cup season and will no doubt enjoy learning more of the personal stories of players who have joined the team’s journey to greatness.

Want to learn some of the Heat players family secrets? Check out the video MyHeritage produced:

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