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Journal Entry 6: Akiva Gluck - Tel Aviv Heat Marketing Team

Akiva Gluck was born in Sydney Australia and remembers being 8 years old and watching the Wallabies play the British & Irish Lions. He says that he was glued to the TV as Matt Burke kicked a winning penalty in the 76th minute…”there and then I knew that I had fallen in love with the sport…”

“I was then lucky enough to go to the RWC a couple years later in Australia as well and my passion for rugby grew further I am certain that Rugby has the power to impact people and countries around the world., the culture that rugby has is super special…”

Akiva is passionate about Israel and never in his wildest dreams did he think that professional rugby would make it to Israel he is super proud of the Tel Aviv Heat and that he is involved in the club.

“I lead the digital marketing, media and run the ticketing and membership side of the Heat. I try to make the team look good on and off the field”

Akiva’s favourite player of all time is George Gregan.

“The way he played and led the Wallabies was always pleasure for me to watch and inspired me as well.”

“Before making Aliyah in 2021 I reached out to CEO Pete Sickle and in the first message and call I said i'm going to be working for you one day…. It was my dream I’ve always wanted to work for a Rugby team.”

Akiva prides himself in his work ethic and often burns the midnight oil to get the job done…

“Besides from having to match the best dressed coach Kevin’s fashion style on a day to day basis, I really believe in the project and the vision of winning the Rugby Europe Super Cup as well as our long term vision of Israel qualifying for the RWC in 2031…”

Akiva adds…

“ I want the fans to feel the Heat and bring them closer to being apart of the Tel Aviv Heat community. Although we are only getting started I believe we have the power to change the way we interact with our fan base…”

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