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Journal Entry 4: Nazir Gasanov - Tel Aviv Heat Player

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

Nazir Gasanov has been been playing rugby since he was 14 years old. He claims that he had tried almost all team sports “when I picked up the rugby ball I realized that this is my sport and it grabbed my heart.”

“With The Tel Aviv Heat I continue to play because I don’t yet see myself as an office worker or working in some company, I want to enjoy my rugby career for now as long as my fitness allows…”

Nazir sees rugby as a big sports family, which has its own rules and values ​​and he says that he will always subscribe to such values.

He loves the energy of Faf de Klerk… “this guy has crazy energy, I have never seen so much work done on the field. He does more than any other player, he is my favorite player…”

When Kevin called me to be part of The Tel Aviv Heat I jumped at the opportunity. “We’ve known each other for one and a half years and he knows what I’m capable of and that’s why I’m here…”

“I want to us to lift the trophy this year and it’s a big challenge for me and I am sure that we will achieve success…”

Nazir his one clear goal for this year “ I want The Tel Aviv Heat, to enter not only the name of our club in history but also to be part of this history as a gold medal winner….”

“At the end of the tournament, I plan to return to Israel and develop my own club which is called Tel Aviv Rugby Club…”

“To all the fans who will not be able to attend the games, I want to say that you are in our hearts and everything we do is for you...”

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