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Journal Entry 3 - Omer Levinson: Tel Aviv Heat Player

Updated: Nov 29, 2023

One of the original members of the Tel Aviv Heat, Omer Levinson is the Israel National senior XVs Scrum Half as well as a regular member of the Israeli sevens team and captains the Tel Aviv Heat sevens team. He started playing rugby at the age of 12 when a friend introduced him to the game, “I loved it because all my friends from school played together and it was a place for all of us to be ourselves outside of the school environment.”

Omer’s main drive around his commitment to the game is the enjoyment he attaches to the sport. “I continue to play rugby because I enjoy the game and I love the competition”

A natural competitor meant that the rugby bug bit early. “I want to make a career out of it. It's not a full-time job yet I'm still working when I'm home but with all the new opportunities that now exist with The Tel Aviv Heat and our alliance partners around the world, I really am excited for the future…”

Omer explains “my favorite players in my position are Aron Smith and Antoine Dupont — both having very different styles of rugby but both dominant at the highest level for years.”

“Kevin asked me to join the Heat and it was the highest level that I could play so I took it and the team represents Israel rugby so it works well for me…”

Omer says his goals for the season are to be part of a winning Super Cup squad and then move to bigger tournaments while growing as a player.

I want to help the Israeli team move forward in rugby at the European level and ultimately get to the World Cup which is our collective goal.

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