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Journal Entry 2 - Martin Shapira Tel Aviv Heat Head Manager

Martin Shapira arrived in Israel in 1977 when his family made Aliyah. Though originally planning to retire in Israel, “someone knew someone and Bob’s your uncle a clothing agency was born…”

With Zionism being the route of their relocation to Israel, active involvement in the Netanya community soon made the Shapira’s household name.

While Martin confesses that he is an avid sports fan, rugby has his heart, “being a Springbok fan since I was born makes me crazy for the sport Pete Stef Du Toit is my favorite Bok…”. Martin is such a fan that he regularly attends global major international rugby matches.

“Thomas Berman is my favorite Heat player and it has nothing to with the fact that he is my adopted son…”

Martin has managed the Heat since its inception, originally in partnership with his brother Julian, who also manages the Israeli national team but has been running the team on his own for the lion’s share of the team’s history..

“I was offered a free holiday to South Africa with plenty of sun and Biltong. What I got in return was rain, very little biltong and a crazy coach…”

When asked why he stays year after year at the heat “that’s a very good question… I suppose they have my heart (wink)”

When asked about his goals for the season he mentions going one better than losing in the final last year…

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