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Israeli International Mati Gordon Answers Tel Aviv Heat Call up

Israeli international 7’s player Mati Gordon gets his call up to The Tel Aviv Heat.

Gordon burst onto the Israeli rugby scene late last year after being invited to a National

Training session by Sevens captain Gal Aviram.

Mati shone at training and was spotted by both the Israeli National Coach Kevin Musikanth

and consultant Frankie Horne, and has not looked back since. Mati was born in Israel and

studied in Canada, where he played for the University of Toronto.

The 23-year-old possesses a broad skillset that allows him to contribute at half back, in the

midfield, and at fullback and prides himself on a high work rate, enthusiastic energy and

great reading of the game.

Mati currently plays for ASA Tel Aviv rugby club, adding to his rich rugby CV that includes

previous stints with the University of Toronto and Richmond Rugby Football Club in British

Columbia, Canada.

Most recently, Mati found himself as sweeper for the Israel National Sevens Team, helping to

lead the team to a respectable 5th place finish in the European Trophy Championships,

including a famous first-ever victory over Romania.

Kevin Musikanth on Mati Gordon:

Mati is a class act, a hard working player that prides himself on his fitness. He has the soft rugby skills required to go all the way. Mati stood out when he first arrived at training after studies abroad. His dedication to his personal rugby fitness training made him an instant national selection. I look forward to Mati rubbing shoulders with the blend of professional rugby players from around the world, in the Heat structures...

Mati Gordon on The Tel Aviv Heat:

I want to thank all the coaches and players for this opportunity. This team is historic and I know that everyone involved is looking forward to stepping up to the challenge and delivering for current and new fans that are on the horizon. The exposure and the high level rugby that the Tel Aviv Heat will bring to our nation’s rugby community has the potential to catalyse growth in the sport for years to come. I look forward to doing everything in my power to help the team win on and off the field...

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