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Fiery Forward Yiftach Engel Commits to Tel Aviv Heat for The Super Cup

Utility forward Yiftach Engel has signed with the Tel Aviv Heat for the upcoming premiere season of the Rugby Europe Super Cup.

Yiftach has played rugby for Yizreel Rugby Club for as long as he can remember. A local product of the rugby-rich kibbutz has spearheaded championship wins for his beloved club at every age group. Coming from a strong family tradition of farming, Yiftach relishes the opportunity to work hard, demonstrate his skills, and help build this historic first professional rugby franchise in Israel.

As an 18-year-old, Yiftach went to Macon, France for the 2015-2016 season to further his abilities as a rugby player and flourished in their u21 and u23 systems.

Now 24, Yiftach is a much more mature player who has proven himself an invaluable team member of Israeli national teams, first at age group levels and now as a member of the International test team.

When COVID halted competitive rugby in Israel, Yiftach moved farther south, developing his rugby skills at SAS Academy Stellenbosch. Under the expert eye of Frankie Horne, Yiftach developed the softer skills, which will stand him in good stead as he rubs shoulders with professional players from abroad.

Tough Engel has never been one to shy away from the physical aspects of the game, and is sure to relish in the competitive nature of both the professional tournament in Europe and internally within the Tel Aviv Heat squad.

Yiftach Engel on signing for the Tel Aviv Heat:

I am determined to use this opportunity to play for the Tel Aviv Heat. It is a privilege for me to be able to be in a squad with such professional players. I will work hard and grow alongside such players. I know that even in darkness you should never give up because in the end the sun will shine and you will shine with her…

Nimrod Kaplan (Club Coach and National assistant coach) on Yiftach Engel:

Yiftach has been part of Kibbutz Yizreel rugby since the age of 9. I have watched him grow and coached him to numerous national club titles with the club. His seasons abroad have really helped him and his rugby development. Even as a tight forward, his season at SAS brought him back to Israel a better player and he was in strong contention to make the travelling national Sevens team. He is a hard-working man built on good values off the field which resonate on the field too. I am excited to see him put his best foot forward when the squad gets together. He has a bright future…

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