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Demetri Catrakilis to Bring World-Class Rugby to the Tel Aviv Heat coaching staff

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

The Tel Aviv Heat is excited to announce that Demetri Catrakilis will be joining the coaching staff heading up

the attack and kicking aspects of the Franchise for the inaugural season of the European Rugby Super Cup.

Catrakilis brings his world-class experience and knowledge that he developed over a 10-year professional

career playing in South Africa, France and England as a professional match winning fly half.

Demetri has been the pivot for professional teams such as The Stormers, The Southern Kings, Montpellier and

Harlequins where he directed world class teams winning 6 major trophies including 2 currie cups and a

european challenge cup.

Demetri is arguably one of the best kickers of a rugby ball in recent world rugby history, having over a 90

percent, goal kicking success rate in first class rugby.

Demetri was also involved in the Springbok training squads from 2013-2015.

Catrakilis eagerly awaits the opportunity to develop talented players alongside Head Coach Kevin Musikanth,

who coached Catrakilis at False Bay RFC in 2010.

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Demetri Catrakilis -- on joining the Tel Aviv Heat:

“Rugby has always given me so many wonderful experiences and friendships. Coming to join my previous coach

and friend and facilitating the growth and development of players, in this exciting competition is a great start

to my coaching career...”

Kevin Musikanth -- on Catrakilis:

"I was very fortunate to have coached Demetri before his professional career when he was a 20 year old.

Demetri and I have remained close since then and I am thrilled to be teaming up with him in this challenging

European competition. Demetri is undoubtedly the best kicker of a rugby ball that I have seen and has a very

mature eye for the game. More than that Demetri is a wonderful person who brings leadership and a great

professional example, which will prove invaluable in our inaugural year...”

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